The term abstract often evokes a sense of spontaneity - of wild, unbridled, undisciplined creative process.

But there is nothing random or uncalculated about Geoff's art.

His paintings are the result of exhaustive, painstaking, and time consuming processes, employing techniques honed over many years of experimentation. These  techniques are often severe and brutilising.

Once the painting is built up with successive layers of paint, it is allowed to dry,  then scratched or scraped back. When the painting is dry again, the process is repeated - sometimes many times over - until a rich and layered surface texture is achieved.

Geoff's work is imaginatively titled, imbuing each painting with a subtext that opens a direct dialog with the artist's intellect. Just look at "Corpus Christi" or "Crows in the Field" and you know that these are no mere daubs of paint.

Evocative and haunting, the art of Geoff Roderick entices the viewer to explore a world rich in detail, eloquent in its quiet simplicity, and timeless in its beauty.

Nick Stathopoulos 2012